Mobilisation is the core of Skill Development, since Quality Training can be delivered to quality trainees only & selection of good trainee is Important.


FGS training is 100 % based on passion of candidates and it is customised and varies for each individual, we believe on 90 % practical training and less theory.


We focus to make the trainees placable instead of following companies to place non placeable candidates.

Practice Practice & Practice (Principle)

Skills are all about repeated action, ie. practice practice and practice, so we focus to act trainee 100 times on the activity which they are suppose to perform at their respective Industy.

Placement starts from mobilisation

Placement of candidates is directly proportional to the selection of right candidate for right job roles based on their area of interest, so FGS conducts and pshycological test to check the passion of the trainees and complete their admission.

Next Steps...

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